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it's their children's future

Tech CEOs in Support of
Ukraine's IT Workforce

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The idea behind this coalition is that by gathering a group of like-minded tech individuals who are uniquely positioned to promote Ukraine's tech sector, we do our part to help foster future generations of talented tech workers globally. We hope that our coalition's support and public promotion, inspires Ukraine's Tech Startup community to continue their aspirations and technical brilliance and continues to secure a hopeful future for their children. Everyone in this coalition understands the value of a competent tech workforce. That's the Ukraine we all admire. That's the Ukraine we are all rooting for.
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Tech CEO's Behind Tech4Ukraine
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Brett Wilson | TubeMogul | Video Ad Brand Platform
Serge Matta | comScore | Digital Measurement and Analytics
Matt Brown | Waverly Software | Distributed Workforce Management Systems
Jack Welde | Smartling | Cloud-based Translation Management Platform
Torben Majgaard | Ciklum | Nearshore Software Development Centres
Boris Kontsevoi | Intetics | Software Outsourcing Provider
Sergei Ostapenko | PulsarFour | Digital Commerce Agency
Elena Flanagan-Eister | DepositPhotos | Photo Microstock Agency
Adrien Henni | East West Digital News | Digital News Site
Tatiana Langseth | Augaroo Inc. | Off-Shore/On-Shore Technology Development Agency
Yevgen Sysoyev | Aventures Capital | Early Stage Venture Firm
Sorosh Tavakoli | VideoPlaza, Inc. | Online Video Ad Platform
Alexey Tulin | Archer Software | Software Engineering Firm
Yaroslav Azhnyuk | Petcube | Mobile Pet Monitoring Technology
Natalia Nazzar | InSpirito | Global Product Development
Igor Fedulov | Intersog | Software & ECommerce Solutions
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Send Ukrainian Startup to IDCEE - Tech4Ukraine IDCEE Indiegogo Fund

Ukraine Tech | Did You Know?
  • Global Markets

    Over 1/2 of Ukraine's Top 100 Startups of 2014 focused on global markets.

  • Tech Top Export

    The volume of exports of services in software development from the Ukraine is around $2 billion annually. Economists project industry would continue to grow by another 85% in the next six years.

  • Young Skilled Workforce

    The science schools that produced rocket scientists during the Soviet era now churn out thousands of computer scientists each year. The average Ukrainian IT worker is between the ages of 26 and 34.

  • IT Outsourcing

    By 2012, there were some 4,000 IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine, and the sector was growing 25% year-on-year.

  • Internet Speed

    Internet speed in the Ukraine is consistently in the top 10% of countries.

  • Code of Arms

    In 2011, Ukraine's IT services exports exceeded the volume of its arms exports for the first time in history.

  • Competitive Pay

    Ukrainian developers can earn $20-$30 per hour. The country’s average salary is around $300 per month.

  • IT Education

    Ukraine has 103 institutions of higher learning that provide IT education. Every year, an average 30,000 IT students graduate from their universities.

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The more people know about Ukraine's tech potential, the more opportunities will present themselves to help ensure their stability. We'll be adding new Ukraine Tech "Did You Know" items to the list above. Just press the "Tweet This" button to share with your audience. Spreading the word is simple yet powerful.

Stay informed

The Ukraine continuously contributes positively towards a global tech market. By staying informed of their economic and political situation and the effect on its tech sector, you can help ensure focus is placed upon this tremendous global resource. Start by reading some of our sample Stay Informed articles below


Tech4Ukraine IDCEE Indiegogo Fund

IDCEE is an annual conference on Internet technologies and innovations uniting the world leading IT entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe. It is THE annual conference on Internet technologies in that region. We admire their resolve to remain steadfast on holding the conference in Kyiv, Ukraine helping to promote the country as a dominating Tech powerhouse regardless of events. We want to send a deserving Ukrainian startup to IDCEE. All IT companies started as an idea. It takes resources to make it into a business. Without access to the driving forces in the tech world, these Ukrainian startups may not have a chance. Help us send a Ukrainian startup to IDCEE. See IDCEE for event details.

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Stay Informed

Ukrainian IT Specialist’s DNA

Intersog - 2013

Ukraine’s biggest online community of IT specialists, and Bionic Hill, Ukraine’s first Live-Work-Learn-Play Technology Park, have recently conducted a joint research on the lifestyle of modern Ukrainian IT specialists. more


U.S. Tech Companies Have a Lot at Stake in Ukraine

Re/Code - 26 June 2014

An astounding number of American technology companies employ engineers in Ukraine, but you might never know it. The Ukrainian tech industry is responsible for Ford’s in-car infotainment systems, Reuter’s award-winning photography app, among many others. more


Ukraine Wants to Become the Silicon Valley of Europe

National Journal - 30 April 2014

In the last few months, the United States has pledged to Ukraine outspoken support, military food rations, and $1 billion. But what Ukraine could really use during its standoff with Russia, its officials say, is help from American information technology companies. more


How Ukraine's IT outsourcers are keeping it business as usual in the face of the country's crisis

August 5, 2013
9:00am - 1:00pm

Before the current crisis, Ukraine was fast establishing a reputation as a rising IT outsourcing hotspot. How is the industry coping now? more


Online education, e-commerce and entrepreneurship discussed in Kiev by investors and startups from all over the world

October 23, 2013
9:00am - 1:00pm
East-West Digital News

A dispatch from last year's IDCEE conference, which attracted to Kiev, Ukraine an impressive number of investors, startup entrepreneurs and IT professionals from over 45 countries. more


The Ukraine Crisis Could Kill Its Tech Outsourcing Boom

Vocativ - 26 March 2014

For the last several years, Ukraine has been an international powerhouse for IT outsourcing. But developers are fleeing the country, and a potential military draft could wreak havoc on the industry more

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